Carolina Edge offers Online Review & Rating Management as a stand alone marketing tool or as an add-on to other plans and services. In the digital age of today, we have the opportunity to rate and review everything we do throughout the day.  From the time we wake up and watch t.v., or listen to the radio, picking up coffee, going to work, lunch, shopping after work and even our sleep can all be related to products and services we purchase and use daily.  For each of these items, there is a related business or product "rating" online.  It is crucial to every business to monitor and manage any 3rd party sites that may have reviews or ratings of your business operations. 

Our society enjoys letting others know their opinions on their experiences, as it makes them feel more part of the online community.  So for each part of their day there is the possibility they may review what they have done, purchased or experienced.  From the radio station review in the morning, the coffee shop quality before work, to the restaurant reviews where they decided to eat at that day, and down to reviewing the business who sold them the mattress they sleep on each night.  Every business has an online rating, whether they want it or not.  The only thing we can change as the business owner, is the way people will view our customer service in our responses to these reviews online.

The staff of Carolina Edge is trained in searching for where your brand may be listed online and rated in many locales online.  We gather all sites that are in our findings, then we create your account management page for each of these listings.  Carolina Edge can respond to the customers' reviews or ratings in a professional and customer service oriented voice, a no-hassle total management of these sights; or we can manage and be the liaison between your company representative and the customers leaving ratings online, alerting you each time someone has left a review for your staff to respond to accordingly.

Trip Advisor


Google Reviews

Brand Specific Rating Sites

TripAdvisor, Google +, Facebook, Yahoo Business, and many more sites and apps are out there for possible customers to look at your business rating, before they ever even walk in your door.  This is what makes it so important to make sure this area of your business is being watched over.  The digital "word-of-mouth" monitoring and response management is what our Online Review and Management services is all about.  We monitor several review sites and will push for more positive reviews of your business, and handle any negative reviews on a case by case basis. 

Carolina Edge offers the management of online review sites for you, making your job as simple as reading a monthly report of what may have been said about your business, and including the total number of related statistics available from said sites and apps.  We will alert you any time you receive a negative review and you will have the chance to respond to the customer as the business owner or manager, through our Online Review and Management tool.  We will send you an email for every review you get so you may respond to us any details that should be noted in responses.